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New Carthago Range

Carthago Motorhomes at E S Hartley

Semi-integrated Motorhomes: Dynamic and Comfortable

They are the coupes amongst the motorhomes - flat, stylish and dynamic. The slender drivers cabin gives you a feeling of security and provide the motorhome with great handling. The flat optimises the aerodynamic and gives the semi-integrated a bit of sportiness for the way. An attractive side-effect: due to the original drivers cabin of your basic vehicle, the semi-integrated motorhomes are always a bit more cost effective then the elaborate integrated motorhomes. The T-model therefore forms the introduction to the world of the Carthago motorhomes.

Integrated motorhomes: Our Core Competence

They are regarded as the champions class of motorhomes: Integrated motorhomes - briefly: Integrated - gives you the pure fascination of travelling on wheels.

Integrated, that means individual and a good taste in design. That means the best view of the landscape for travelling pleasure over great distances. That means an exceptional feeling of space in the cockpit. At the destination, turn the front seats - and the travellers take place in the large living area just like a viewing platform.


Model series strengths of the liner-for-two


With its extraordinarily attractive price performance ratio, the c-tourer T offers a unique option for getting into the premium class of the Carthago semi-integrated motorhomes. Many of the Carthago benefits are included: Carthago Liner premium-class body construction and a real climate storage double floor with single level living area floor throughout. At the same time - typical Carthago - it is still classed as a lightweight amongst its equals despite its solid construction. Models T 149 and T 150 have the AL-KO low frame chassis as standard, which is optionally available for all other c-tourer T models. This makes the Carthagoc-tourer T even lighter and gives it more driving dynamics.


The c-compactline is the lightest integrated premium motorhome. Its running weight starts at just 2,830 kg. And that without any compromises with regard to quality and comfort. Thanks to the external width reduced by 15 cm, it is also characterised by its great handling ability. The clever interior space concept and the one-level living area floor throughout are fundamental attributes of the typical.

The Carthago 'Chic' Line - The elegant all-rounder with extravagance, comfort and sophistication


It is not only an exceptionally practically-orientated all-rounder with regard to payload and storage space, in Generation II, it is more attractive, luxurious and comfortable than ever. It offers high-tech on four wheels, top-class driving comfort with the innovative front design "Carthago v-face" and pure living comfort. With the chic-c-line, you are in the right premium class. Discover the sophistication in detail, the unique design and the incomparable charm of the most successful integrated motorhome in its class.


Chic C-line Superior

The chic c-line superior top-of-the-range vehicle is the most exclusive version of the winning chic c-line. This can already be noticed on the outside on the extended exterior decoration and the "superior" lettering. The interior line "Siena" combines noble contrasts between the warm colour shades of Summer chestnut and the precious glossy furniture fronts in high-gloss cream. The kitchen work surface in solid and seamless Corian version is based on the Liner sector and underlines the noble and luxurious character of the chic c-line superior.

Chic C-line XL

You love having lots of room? Then the XL version of the chic c-line is just the right motorhome for you. On its AL-KO low frame chassis with double axle, it handles safely despite its size and is as easy to steer as any other chic c-line. Inside, it offers XXL comfort on an XL length. And all of that at an attractive price. The chic c-line XL as a 5 ton version - experience maximum size. Comes as standard with Alde hot water central heating.

The payload World Champion - the Carthago Liner Class


You have arrived at the top, and that is why the highliner on an Iveco-Daily chassis suits you so well. Its genes portray the Liner premium class. That can be easily seen in the seat position in the raised driver's cabin module with double shell and all-round insulation as well as the extra thick walls with a total thickness of 48 mm. Highlights are the innovative dashboard in motor yacht design and the wooden-leather steering wheel that can be swivelled away to the front to allow the drivers cab seat to be turned in comfort. The distinctive and innovative exterior bus hatches give you an inkling of the unbelievable amount of storage space that they conceal. The extra-large water and battery reserves guarantee high self-sufficiency - even on longer trips.